Differential formulation of governing equations

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(Energy Equation)
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==Energy Equation ==
==Energy Equation ==
  <center><math>\rho {c_p}\frac{{DT}}{{Dt}} = \nabla  \cdot (k\nabla T) + T\beta \frac{{Dp}}{{Dt}} + q''' + \nabla {{\mathbf{V}}_{rel}}:{{\mathbf{\tau }}_{rel}}   \qquad \qquad(3) </math></center>
  <center><math>\rho {c_p}\frac{{DT}}{{Dt}} = \nabla  \cdot (k\nabla T) + T\beta \frac{{Dp}}{{Dt}} + q''' + \nabla {{\mathbf{V}}_{rel}}:{{\mathbf{\tau }}_{rel}} </math></center>
''See Main Article'' [[Energy equation]]
''See Main Article'' [[Energy equation]]

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The microscopic (differential) formulations to be presented here include conservation equations and jump conditions. The former apply within a particular phase, and the latter are valid at the interface that separates two phases. The phase equations for a particular phase should be the same as those for a single-phase system. Most textbooks (e.g., White, 1991; Incropera and DeWitt, 2001; Bejan, 2004; Kays et al., 2004) obtain the governing equations for a single-phase system by performing mass, momentum, and energy balances for a microscopic control volume. We will obtain the conservation equations by using the integral equations for a finite control volume that includes only one phase. Jump conditions at the interface will be obtained by applying the conservation laws at the interfaces.


Continuity Equation

\frac{{D\rho }}{{Dt}} + \rho \nabla  \cdot {{\mathbf{V}}_{rel}} = 0

See Main Article Continuity equation

Momentum Equation

\rho \frac{{D{{\mathbf{V}}_{rel}}}}{{Dt}} = \sum\limits_{i = 1}^N {{\rho _i}{{\mathbf{X}}_i}}  - \nabla p + \nabla  \cdot (\mu \nabla {{\mathbf{V}}_{rel}})

See Main Article Momentum equation

Energy Equation

\rho {c_p}\frac{{DT}}{{Dt}} = \nabla  \cdot (k\nabla T) + T\beta \frac{{Dp}}{{Dt}} + q''' + \nabla {{\mathbf{V}}_{rel}}:{{\mathbf{\tau }}_{rel}}

See Main Article Energy equation

Entropy Equation

See Main Article Entropy

Conservation of mass species equation

See Main Article Conservation of Mass Species


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