Melting and solidification

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Melting and solidification find application in the geophysical sciences; industrial forming operations such as casting and laser drilling; latent heat energy storage systems; and food and pharmaceutical processing. Any manmade metal products must undergo liquid forms at some point during manufacturing processes and solidify to form intermediate or final products.

One-Region, two-Region, and multi-region problems, conduction and convection controlled melting and solidification.
Governing equations, one-region problem, two-region problem.
Description of integral solution, one-region problem, two-region problem, ablation, and melting and solidification in cylindrical coordinate systems.
Enthalpy method, equivalent heat capacity method, and temperature-transforming model.
Integral approximate method, mixture model and volume-averaging model.
Convection-controlled melting problem, and an enthalpy model for melting and solidification.