Melting and solidification

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Melting and solidification find application in the geophysical sciences; industrial forming operations such as casting and laser drilling; latent heat energy storage systems; and food and pharmaceutical processing. Any manmade metal products must undergo liquid forms at some point during manufacturing processes and solidify to form intermediate or final products.

One-Region, twe-Region, and multi-region problems, conduction and convection controlled melting and solidification.

6.3 Exact Solution 6.3.1 Governing Equations of the Solidification Problem 6.3.2 Dimensionless Form of the Governing Equations 6.3.3 Exact Solution of the One-Region Problem 6.3.4 Exact Solution of the Two-Region Problem 6.4 Integral Approximate Solution 6.4.1 Heat Conduction in a Semi-Infinite Body 6.4.2 One-Region Problem 6.4.3 Two-Region Problem Duration of Preheating Governing Equations for the Melting Stage Integral Approximate Solution Ablation under Constant Heat Flux Heating 6.4.5 Solidification/Melting in Cylindrical Coordinate Systems 6.5 Numerical Simulation 6.5.1 Overview 6.5.2 Enthalpy Method 6.5.3 Equivalent Heat Capacity Method 6.5.4 Temperature-Transforming Model 6.6 Solidification of a Binary Solution System 6.6.1 Overview 6.6.2 Integral Approximate Method 6.6.3 Mixture Model 6.6.4 Volume-Averaging Model 6.7 Contact Melting 6.7.1 Fixed Melting and Contact Melting 6.7.2 Contact Melting in a Rectangular Cavity 6.8 Melting and Solidification in Porous Media 6.8.1 Convection-Controlled One-Region Melting Problem 6.8.2 An Enthalpy Model for Two-Region Melting/Solidification

,numerical solution, effect of natural cvonvection, and melting and solidification in porous media.