Melting and solidification

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Melting and solidification find application in the geophysical sciences; industrial forming operations such as casting and laser drilling; latent heat energy storage systems; and food and pharmaceutical processing. Any manmade metal products must undergo liquid forms at some point during manufacturing processes and solidify to form intermediate or final products.

One-Region, two-Region, and multi-region problems, conduction and convection controlled melting and solidification.
Governing equations, one-region problem, two-region problem.
Description of integral solution, one-region problem, two-region problem, and Ablation under Constant Heat Flux Heating.

6.4.5 Solidification/Melting in Cylindrical Coordinate Systems 6.5 Numerical Simulation 6.5.1 Overview 6.5.2 Enthalpy Method 6.5.3 Equivalent Heat Capacity Method 6.5.4 Temperature-Transforming Model 6.6 Solidification of a Binary Solution System 6.6.1 Overview 6.6.2 Integral Approximate Method 6.6.3 Mixture Model 6.6.4 Volume-Averaging Model 6.7 Contact Melting 6.7.1 Fixed Melting and Contact Melting 6.7.2 Contact Melting in a Rectangular Cavity 6.8 Melting and Solidification in Porous Media 6.8.1 Convection-Controlled One-Region Melting Problem 6.8.2 An Enthalpy Model for Two-Region Melting/Solidification

,numerical solution, effect of natural cvonvection, and melting and solidification in porous media.