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*'''[[Basics of porous media|Basics]]'''
*'''[[Basics of porous media|Basics]]'''
*'''[[Governing Equations for Porous Media|Governing Equations]]'''
*'''[[Governing Equations for Porous Media|Governing Equations]]'''
:[[Continuity Equation for Porous Media|Contunuity]], [[Momentum Equation for Porous Media|momentum]], [[Energy Equation for Porous Media|energy]] equations, [[Entropy Equation for Porous Media|entropy equation]], and [[Species Equation for Porous Media|species equation]].
:[[Porous media: continuity equation|Continuity equation]], [[Porous media: momentum equation|Momentum equation]], [[Porous media: energy equation|energy equation]],[[Porous media: conservation of species|conservation of species]].
*'''[[Multiphase transport in porous media|Multiphase Transport]]'''
*'''[[Multiphase transport in porous media|Multiphase Transport]]'''

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Transport in porous media is applicable to a wide range of fields, including mechanical, chemical, environmental, and petroleum engineering, as well as geology. Porous media can be found naturally in rocks and sand beds, and also can be fabricated as in wicks and catalytic pellets. They are an essential component in high-technology devices such as fuel cells and heat pipes.

Continuity equation, Momentum equation, energy equation,conservation of species.
Multi-fluid model (MFM) and multiphase mixture model (MMM).
Convection-controlled melting problem, and an enthalpy model for melting and solidification.
Inclined wall, and effect of surface tension.
Wedge or cone in porous medium, and inverted meniscus in porous media.
Nucleate boiling in a wicked surface, boiling in porous media heated from below and film boiling.

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