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Basics, governing equations,integral formulation,differential formulation, averaging formulation, heat conduction,steady state heat conduction, unsteady state heat conduction, numerical solution of heat conduction, microscale heat conduction, convective heat transfer, external forced convection, internal forced convection, natural convection, condensation, evaporation, boiling, mass transfer, porous media, radiation, black body, radiation properties of real surface, radiative Transfer through Transparent Media, radiation in participating media, micro- and nanocroscale heat transfer, numerical heat transfer (NHT), and related topics.
History of Thermodynamics, Fundamentals of Energy, Basics of Thermodynamics, Pressure (Thermodynamics), Temperature (Thermodynamics), Heat (Thermodynamics), Internal Energy, Work (Thermodynamics), Thermodynamics Cycle, First Law of Thermodynamics, Molecular Level Presentation (Thermodynamics), Properties of pure substances, Equilibrium Criteria for Pure Substances, Maxwell Relations, Closed Systems with Compositional Change, Stability Criteria, System with Chemical Reactions, First law of thermodynamics, Second law of thermodynamics, Entropy, Carnot Cycle, Heat Engine, Heat Pump, Thermoelectric Cooling, Irreversibility, availability and exergy, Power and refrigeration systems, Thermodynamic property relations, Mixtures and solutions, Chemical reactions, Phase and chemical equilibrium, Thermodynamics of compressible flow, Fundamentals of statistical thermodynamics, Distribution functions and thermodynamics of Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein Gases, Heat capacities of solids and gases.
Fluid properties and basic concepts, fluid statics, dimensional analysis and similarities, control volume approach, viscous fluid flow, compressible flow, internal incompressible viscous flow, external incompressible viscous flow, flow in open channels, turbomachinery, the Navier-Stokes equations, laminar boundary layer flows, turbulent boundary layer flows, compressible boundary layer flows, and related topics.
Basic concepts of chemical thermodynamics, fundamentals of chemical kinetics, types of combustion, fuels, conservation equations for multicomponent reacting systems, detonation and deflagration waves of premixed gases, premixed laminar flames, gaseous diffusion flames, combustion of liquid fuel droplets, instability, turbulent flames, combustion in two-phase flow systems, chemically reacting boundary-layer flows, ignition, internal combustion engine, gas turbine combustion, and related topics.
Basics, governing equations, interfacial phenomena, melting and solidification, sublimation and vapor deposition, condensation, evaporation, boiling, two-phase flow, porous media and related topics.
Basics, discretization methods, conduction/diffusion problems, convection-diffusion problems, solution of flow field, turbulent flow and heat transfer, grid generation, phase change problems, interface and free surface problems, inverse heat transfer problems (IHTP), Monte Carlo methods, Lattice-Boltzmann methods, molecular dynamic simulation, Direct numerical simulation (DNS), related topics.
Fundamentals of turbulence, external turbulent flow/heat transfer, internal turbulent flow, integral solution for laminar and turbulent natural convection, turbulent film condensation, and turbulent falling film evaporation.
Basic, motion and dimensional, force and torque, pressure, flow, temperature and heat flux, transport properties, optical techniques, data and error analysis, data acquisition and processing, and related topics.
Solids, gas and liquids at atmospheric pressure, phase change materials, liquid-vapor at saturation, mass transfer properties, and radiation properties.
Energy: Past, Present, and Future, Mechanical Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Energy, Thermal Energy, Biomass Energy, Fossil Fuels, Air Pollution from Combustion Sources, Geothermal Energy, Solar Energy, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Radiation, Electricity, Transportation, Economics of Energy, Economics of the Environment, A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future
Heat exchanger, thermal manufacturing, biomedical engineering, electronics cooling, heat pipes, and fuel cells.
Nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and security.